Paws In Life Relief, LLC

***IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of February 1st, 2023, I will be partnering with Zia Mobile Vet here in Las Cruces. I will still be providing house calls for various small animal services including in-home euthanasia. Please contact us at (405) 808-8769 to schedule an appointment***

Small Animal Veterinary Services

I have started the Paws in Life, LLC in hopes to not only continue to provide relief services in the Las Cruces region, but more importantly to begin providing a mobile small animal euthanasia service for those in need in this area. Given that I have worked as an associate in Las Cruces for the past six years, I am aware of the staffing shortages within our area. As a result of this, local clinics are struggling to provide care to the established patients/clients without risking extreme burnout with our staff. This shortage of staff makes it difficult to accepting new clients in need of veterinary care, let alone being able to offer house calls for things like humane euthanasia. I hope to help to fill that gap some by providing a small animal home euthanasia service in the area.